Fatima Ezzi

8yrs old

I have improved in reading and writing. I can read much better with fewer mistakes. I have improved overall in all my subjects in school.

Ryan Macharia

12yrs old

I can recognise all the letters now. I can now read level 1 book with some help. I am aware of my mistakes while reading. I can refocus by using the focusing tools.

Samuel Odoi


I have improved in my reading comprehension and I can concentrate better. I can read aloud much better. I also have improved in my speech.

Karen Ngunjiri

9yrs old

I have fluency in my reading. I can concentrate better. I have a more confidence in my self.

Yukta Gopal

11yrs old

I have seen improvement in my confidence, reading. I have better understanding of what I read. I read fluently and have less mistakes.

Stephen Wamathai

12 years old

I find changes in my confidence and my reading has improved. I can now concentrate better, and I can now write better in creative writing.

Jason Ceira

14 Years Old

I have improved alot in my reading skills and I have more confidence. I can now control my energy levels better. My creative wring skills have also improved.

Mary Mokeira

16 Years Old

I am better than I was the first day I came in this program. My concentration has improved greatly and my handwriting is also better. I can now see my mistakes when reading and I am able to correct them. My fear of exams has gone. I can sit and do a paper without fearing and going blank.

Daniel Njuguna

13 Years Old

After the program I have improved in my reading skills and I can now concentrate better. I am able to write simple sentences now


My name is John, and I had a fear of picking up a book to read. After completing the program, I am able to read a level 1 book. My confidence and interest in reading has improved dramatically.