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The Davis™ Dyslexia Correction® Programme is given in a five-day period of time. I do one on one with our clients.

Generally the hours are 8.30am to 2pm with one hour lunch break. I can be flexible in the hours if required.

The afternoon of the final day of the program week is devoted to support training with parents and other individuals who would be supporting the client at home.

The one week program also includes all the materials needed to work the program, support, training, three 2 hour return visits for review and unlimited email follow-up consultations.

Please call to schedule  an evaluation; an educational evaluation that lasts 90 minutes ...


The five Parts of the Davis® Program


Call to arrange for a consultation and screening appointment. A two to three hour assessment establishes the clients needs, goals, whether he or she is suitable for the program, and which program will best suit the client. The program is tailored to fit the client.

Visit 37 Characteristics of dyslexia for an informal self-screening or 
you can do an online dyslexia test at http://www.testdyslexia.com



There are various Davis® Programs that target different problems. All the Davis® Programs are one-on-one and intensive.

There are short breaks throughout the day with an hour long lunchbreak. The client should be well rested and ready to learn.






On the last afternoon, the client's family members, tutors, guardians or friends will be trained to assist in the follow-up exercises to ensure post-program success. My clients will be provided with the necessary take-home materials.



The client applies what was learned and does follow-up exercises at home to continue to build on his or her succcess.



Manisha provides unlimited email consultations and up to 4 hours of follow-up as needed.


Even though the Davis Dyslexia Correction programme is generally structured as six hours daily over five consecutive days, it can be adapted to fit your schedule. Further, there is 6 hour follow up work after the program at no extra charge.

The Davis Program Trademark Notification

Professional services described as Davis™, including Davis Dyslexia Correction, Davis Symbol Mastery, Davis Orientation Counseling, Davis™ Attention Mastery, Davis Math Mastery and Davis™ Reading Program for Young Learners may only be provided by persons who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators or Specialists by Davis Dyslexia Association International.


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