Davis Assessment

The Davis assessment is not an educational evaluation but can provide a clear view of whether the person will benefit from this Davis programme. It is tailored made according to your needs because every dyslexic is unique in their own way.

Through the assessment I create a symptoms profile to bring the strengths and weaknesses of the person. I then find out through a mental assessment whether the person is primarily thinking in pictures and images.

I investigate the level of reading and writing or any other issues like maths or attention according to their age.

There are some questions answered like:-

  1. Are you likely to benefit from my help?
  2. Do you really want our help?
  3. Am I suitable to work with you?
  4. How many days do I need for this Davis Program?

The result of the assessment is discussed at the end, but I do NOT provide a written report. If you are looking for a written report, we recommend a full educational assessment, which we do not provide.

Even if you decide not to go further with our help, the Davis assessment is likely to give you a much greater understanding of the problems you are facing as well as a more positive outlook on the world.

If our Davis assessment indicates that you would benefit from using the Davis methods, you can at your leisure decide to sign up for a relevant Davis programme. You may want to do the free on-line Davis assessment right now, which will give you an immediate indication of whether our programme is likely to benefit you.