About Manisha

Trained & Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

Year Qualified- 2007
BSC- Management (USIU Graduate)

Manisha discovered the Ron Davis methods as she sought solutions to help her son who was in a community school in year 2, at the age of 8, who had problems in reading, writing and concentration. The Ron Davis methods were so efficient in helping her son that she decided to persue further training to help her son, and also other parents who had been encountering similar problems around the country.

Manisha is a trained and Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator in Kenya, who is enthusiastic about helping clients particularly children who find it difficult to read and write due to the challenges brought about by Dyslexia. Through her experience, Manisha has found out that as compared to other Dyslexia correction programs, the Ron Davis methods are most successful and efficient, with results being witnessed in a few days; a child can jump to two or three levels above commencement.

The Davis program when persued to completion can work for all indiciduals and all curriculums, whether the British system or the 8-4-4 system, all that is required is motivation and responsibility to complete the program and also do the follow work after the program is done. As part of the Davis Dyslexia Association International certification process and licensing agreement, Manisha promises to adhere to the Standards of Practice