Christopher okello   age 19 yrs

I can read better.

I can concentrate for a long time

I am more aware of the enviroment






Ghalib Kalyan 13yrs

Reading, writing, feels confident; you feel you are in control







Felix Munyi   age 11yrs old

I read well better than before.

I don’t make many mistakes while reading

I don’t skip lines anymore I am more confident





Marcel De Villers   age   9yrs old

I am reading with fewer mistakes.








Jayson Kamau   age : 11yrs old

 I am starting to read well, the spellings and

handwriting has changed abit. I feel more confident.






Hannah Bekele Age: 22yrs old

I am aware of my disorientation

I am aware of the trigger words

I could do the alphabet backwards with my eyes closed.

I am confident.

I can slow down my thoughts and articulate them on paper and verbally




Trevor age: 16yrs

I developed an interest in reading

I got over fear f reading

I concentrate better

my self esteem has improved.





Joshua Age;12yrs

I can read better

I can concentrate better

I make less mistakes while reading.

I can control my confusions and energy levels.








Connor Dennis Age :8 yrs

I improved in my reading and writing.

I fell more confident

I am more calmer and focused




Alvaro Ochola Age: 9 yrs old

My confidence is up

I read better with less mistakes and fluent

Handwriting is changed.





Dylan Sanders Age

I have been a lot more organized,

I feel more confident now. It has helped me to understand

what I am reading now.






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